Guiuan is one of the many towns in the province of Eastern Samar. The province of Eastern Samar has two large towns among the many towns that the province have. The main two large towns in the province is the Municipality of Borongan now the new City of Borongan and the Municipality of Guiuan. The town of Salcedo is also a large town in the province including the town of Gen. McArthur named after General Douglas McArthur who liberated the country in the second world war.


Among the many sights in Guiuan is its historical church built during the spanish period as shown below.


Another angle from the church of Guiuan as seen below.


Looking from the side of the church we have another angle.


The church of Guiuan is just one of the many best places where you could just sit and relax and feel the moment of silence while looking into the daily activities of the town.


There are many places to visit in the town of Guiuan and we will show you most of them stay tuned as we continue to explore the town of Guiuan.

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